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Headrock Dogs – Part 2: The People

This part is all about the people. Co-founders Tep & Verity, the Swiss regulars Franz & Franziska, family members Piak & Kon, and the whole bunch of temporary volunteers Caitlin, Oskar, Jessica, Jena & Alexa. There is plently you can do from your side. Please visit their website for more information: www.Headrockdogsrescue.org . Stay tuned…

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Iberean Wolf Recovery Centre in Portugal (photo documentary)

I spent 3 weeks at the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre in Portugal. As a volunteer worker I helped out in general forest maintenance, feeding & road repairing. It never felt like work though. (except for my aching back, that I felt) (images of me below, they were taken by my good friend Hélder, an amazing photographer with a…

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Elephant Sanctuary – Chang Mai – Thailand (photo documentary)

This is Sangduen “Lek” Chailert. The founder of a beautiful peaceful place called Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai.     Me and Steph spent 3 days at one of the rare places where compassion and hard work established a peaceful way of life between man and animal. Starting with providing a sanctuary for elephants, it…

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