Why Photography

What is life without memory? Besides what we do and the things we possess, our memories define who we are and where we want to go.
Photography is an instrument of spontaneity to enrich these moments in time.

Moments are like raindrops falling into a river, once part of the stream, it can never be the same again. I am profoundly fascinated how these moments can be enframed, so one can relive and experience them all over again, timelessly, in endless variations of context and imagination.

A camera’s handling and functional elements provoke me continuously. The pictorial balance pivoting between the aesthetics of a scene and the technical limitations of our tools are closely linked to the high spirits and frailties of real life. It’s a passion that burns on heavy instincts.

I simply love it. Like music, movies and good food; like animals, nature and landscapes; like people, family and friendship, it’s a part of my life.

John Thai


“Photography is never real, it’s merely one of many ways of telling the truth.”
– John –