Elephant Sanctuary – Chang Mai – Thailand (photo documentary)

This is Sangduen “Lek” Chailert. The founder of a beautiful peaceful place called Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai.

ENP (2.0.0)




Me and Steph spent 3 days at one of the rare places where compassion and hard work established a peaceful way of life between man and animal. Starting with providing a sanctuary for elephants, it actually is a refuge for all kinds of animals. ENP purchases the food from local farmers, hereby investing not only in the local economy but also making a clear point that a peaceful and balanced coexistence is truly possible. Educating local people, visitors and volunteers from all around the world, they stand strong by being an exemplary concept of a hope in the dark ages of animal exploitation by humans. This photo documentary is merely a glimpse of a society that comes closest to an ideal of harmony between humans and animals that I have ever encountered.


My focus point was not only the elephants, but also the people committing themselves every day, mahouts bounding with the elephants, and other animals roaming freely in a habitat, a home, a sanctuary.



What I love about this place is that their philosophy on elephants reflects on all kinds of animals in general. Throughout my experience in visiting sanctuaries, sometimes I come accross dedicated organisations who are so devoted to conservation of ‘their’ group of animals that they kept a blind eye for other animals in need in their society, like street dogs.


ENP on contrary, is truely an animal sanctuary. The sense of peace and harmonic freedom was mind healing.

2014-10-25_0008 2014-10-25_0007


If you would like to learn more… please visit: www.elephantnaturepark.org


If you plan a holiday involving elephants, please educate yourself BEFORE booking any trips. Don’t go on elephant back trekking, and don’t encourage street beggars (performers) dragging baby elephants in the cities by giving them money, why not? read here (and share this information):

The ethical elephant experience

Elephant tourism

If you want to make a difference from behind your computer: sign this petition

As a tourist it is ‘your’ responsibility how your money will be invested, make sure it’s for the right cause, so inform and educate yourself before you support animal exploitation camouflaged in ‘eco friendly’ organisations.

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