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Headrock Dogs – Part 6: The Dogs

And here it is. The Headrock pack. I will carry your lovely smell with me tomorrow on the airplane. Love you all, be good and be well! There is plently you can do from your side. Please visit their website for more information: www.Headrockdogsrescue.org . Stay tuned to current news and updates: www.facebook.com/Headrock-Dogs-Rescue Help is…

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Headrock Dogs – Part 4: The Temple

A trip to the temple is rarely just a simple trip to the temple, where Verity and Tep weekly go to monitor the dogs who are being sheltered by the monks. It’s often combined with commitments to other ongoing projects as well: treating the dogs at a local school, offer advice to a man with…

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Headrock, dogs, rescue, shelter, puppies, bang saphan, Thailand

Headrock Dogs – Part 3: Puppy Rescue

One of the awful things is that people would dump puppies nearby the shelter, assuming that Headrock Dogs would just take them in. The same thing often happens at the nearby temple. Although a very horrible and cowardice act, the past month these pups have brought a big smile on my face every single day….

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