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Wedding Wouter & Rebecca

We willen je graag nogmaals bedanken voor de prachtige foto’s en fotoboek die je van onze trouw gemaakt hebt. De reden waarom we jou als huwelijksfotograaf gecontacteerd hebben, is omdat jouw foto’s er voor ons bovenuit sprongen in vergelijking met de foto’s van andere huwelijksfotografen. Wat ons vooral aansprak was de spontaniteit, originaliteit en de…

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Huwelijksfotografie Antwerpen KBC toren fotoshoot silhouette

Wedding Biren & Sinem

A good photographer can really bring the wedding day alive. On our big day we could not be more happier that John Journey was our wedding photographer. He was professional, quickly analysed the environment and found the right setting with the best light. He took away so much worry off our shoulder. Working with John…

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Wedding Fabio & Sara (Portugal)

This year my wedding season started in Portugal. As usual: smiling people, the finest food, Portuguese grooves, beautiful scenery dipped in a very nostalgic southern golden sun. Have a little peek of a selected preview. Next wedding in Boechout, Belgium coming up! Thank you for your work on our wedding. You’re a great professional wedding…

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Wedding Bart & Goedele

John, bij deze willen we je graag nogmaals bedanken voor de geslaagde huwelijksreportage. Zelfs voor je een eerste foto had genomen waren we er al van overtuigd dat we met jou als huwelijksfotograaf in zee wilden gaan. Je had van in het begin al enorm veel ideeën en benadrukte hoe je een echt verhaal wenste…

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Wedding Steven & Rachel

The merriment of bridesmaids sounding at the entrance door, testing the sincerity of the groom and his determined band of brothers. Serene ceremonial tea servings, to show respect and gratitude as they enter the new season of life. Sweetened by red dates, blessings in shape of graceful smiles filled the room as golden prosperity shun…

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Wedding Ivo & Nat part II: Chateau De La Poste

Glitz & glamour, feathers & pearls. Back to the sparkling 1920’s, the journey continues. There is no such thing as perfection, they say. But contours of fate and coincidence are sometimes so thin, that neither naming nor destinction could make things clearer. Team Journey was given the chance to document and retell this event. A…

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Wedding Shay & Ana (Portugal)

A soul-inspiring, squeeze-hugging, smile-sharing day in Portugal, never to forget.     We are the ones to say thanks! It was a blessing for us to have you there photographing our wedding. It is a pleasure to be surrounded by people that can acknowledge the deepness of our love and story…Not obvious at all. We…

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Wedding Piedro & Ana (Portugal)

A wedding trail through the streets of Porto. This day, true meaning of beauty lies in the imperfections of a constant moving city. A day of classical tradition, recollection and intimacy reflected in their hometown’s scenery, where they grew up, where they met, where everything started and to be concluded with marriage and chic timeless…

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Wedding Hin & Marianne

My dear sister’s day of matrimony. Pregnant and full of joy. My brother in law, a proud father in becoming. Punching and kicking as the comedian he will always be. This is only a prequel, looking forward for the celebration party to come! John en zijn lens maken niet alleen de meest prachtige foto’s. Maar…

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